KAdermin 傷口癒合護理噴粉劑 125毫升(香港行貨) KAdermin Wound Healing Powder Spray 125ml (Authorized dealer import)



KAdermin 傷口癒合護理噴粉劑 是外用輔助物 治療傷口、擦傷、輕度燒傷,特別適用於帶有滲液的皮膚損傷。 香港醫療儀器表列號碼:190179 原廠行貨 意大利 製造 KAdermin Wound Healing Powder Spray is an adjuvant for external treatment of wounds, abrasions, minor burns and especially for skin lesions with exuding condition. HKMD No. : 190179 Product of Italy.


KAdermin 傷口癒合護理噴粉劑
KAdermin 傷口癒合護理噴粉劑 可形成保護屏障,防止微生物入侵,有助傷口加快癒合。

使用方法 : 使用前請先參閱包裝說明。


每天使用1次或數次,距離患處約 10厘米噴上粉末薄層,粉末會形成保護層,然後用敷料覆蓋。 請勿按摩。




注意事項 : 











KAdermin Wound Healing Powder spray 

is a medical device.  It’s formulation creates a protective barrier, as adjuvant treatment for wounds, ulcers, abrasions, minor burns and exuding skin lesions (such as keloid), nappy rash, maceration from sweat and superficial traumatic injuries.  It is indicated in post-surgical wounds medications and in umbilical cord stump too.  KAdermin powder spray forms a protective barrier film against microbial aggression, useful to speed up healing. 


Direction of use : Please refer more details on the package before use. 

Before use, shake the can well, clean and dry the affected area.

Spray one or several times daily with a thin layer of powder from a distance of 10cm to the affected area. The powder will form a protective layer and then to be covered with dressing. Do not massage.

Change the dressing when repeat medication.  

Open lesion shall be covered with a moist gauze and then sterile bandage, it is better to be cared by medical personnel.


Precaution :  

For external use only, do not ingest and close the can carefully after use. 

Do not use if package is damaged or after expiry date. 

To be used only in open spaces. Do not store or spray in temperatures lower than 5°C or exceeding 50°C, keep away from sunlight, hot surface, ignition sources and heat.  

Keep out of reach of children. 

Do not pierce or burn the product even when discard. 

In case of ingestion or spray into eyes, immediately rinse with water and seek qualified medical advice. 

Discontinue treatment in the presence of abnormal skin reactions and inform your doctor.


For details, please refer to the label information on the product.

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