Epaderm Junior Cream 50g 益皮特 兒童雙效保濕乳霜 50g



~獲獎保濕乳霜, 配以臨床驗證成份 *** 嬰幼兒 同樣適用 *** 可用於 •所有乾性皮膚 •可用於濕疹 2合1臨床驗證的保濕乳霜和皮膚軟化劑 •不含香料,色素和SLS, 溫和不傷肌膚 •不油膩配方,皮膚迅速吸收 •適合所有年齡, 包括嬰兒 英國製造 [MOISTURISES AND SOFTENS SKIN] ~CLINICALLY PROVEN INGREDIENTS ***For kids of ALL ages, including BABIES Moisturing hydration for : •Dry Skin •Eczema Fragrance & SLS FREE MADE IN UK

Product Details

Epaderm Junior Cream  益皮特兒童潤膚膏 50g

~獲獎潤膚霜, 配以臨床驗證成份, 適用於所有乾性皮膚病症。





•不含香料,色素和SLS, 溫和不傷肌膚


•適合所有年齡, 包括嬰兒

Epaderm Junior Cream 潤膚潔膚2合1產品,適用如濕疹和皮麻等乾性肌膚, 可直接用於滋潤皮膚或作皮膚清潔膏。

含有甘油,有助於皮膚細胞補水,持久滋潤 高效護膚效果。

Epaderm Junior Cream與許多潤膚膏不同,Epaderm的配方不含香料或著色劑,不含SLS,適合更敏感的皮膚。


Epaderm Junior Cream適用於所有年齡段,包括嬰兒。



在使用Epaderm Cream之前,請務必徹底清潔雙手。

1) 潤膚作用: 適用於受影響的肌膚上,並按摩皮膚, 或按照醫療保健專業人員的指示使用。

2) 皮膚清潔劑: 在洗滌或淋浴時按需要使用。











Epaderm Junior Cream 50g

~Award-winning moisturizer formulated with clinically proven ingredients for all dry skin conditions.

•Can be used on all dry skin types

•Can be used for eczema 2-in-1 clinically proven emollient balm and skin softener

•Free of fragrances, colorings and SLS, gentle and gentle to the skin

•Non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into skin

•Suitable for all ages, including babies


Epaderm Junior Cream is a 2-in-1 moisturizer and softener.

 It is suitable for dry skin such as eczema and numbness.

 It can be used directly to moisturize the skin or as a skin cleansing cream.

Contains glycerin, which helps replenish skin cells and provide long-lasting moisturizing and efficient skin care effects.

Epaderm Junior Cream Unlike many moisturizers, Epaderm is formulated with no fragrance or colorants and is SLS-free, making it suitable for more sensitive skin.

Suitable for every day use. Mild in nature, it can be used during the day.

Epaderm Junior Cream is suitable for all ages, including babies.


※Instructions: Always clean your hands thoroughly before using Epaderm Cream.

1) Emollient: Apply to affected skin and massage into skin, or use as directed by a healthcare professional.

2) Skin Cleanser: Use as needed while washing or showering.


Made in UK



For external use only

Do not use on damaged skin

If it accidentally gets into your eyes, please rinse with water immediately.

If you experience discomfort after use, please stop using it.

Out of reach of children. 

If it is swallowed, please seek medical advice immediately.

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