Cetraben 止癢膏 50克



平行進口 適合每日使用 形成保護屏障來保濕 冷卻皮膚並減少紅腫 首個獲得英國皮膚基金會認可的濕疹易感皮膚護理系列

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無論您的皮膚讓您感覺如何,我們相信您應該有有效的方式每天為其保濕和保護。發現Cetraben專家級皮膚保濕,這是首個獲得英國皮膚基金會認可的濕疹易感皮膚護理系列。 Cetraben止癢膏非常適合每日用於非常乾燥、癢和濕疹易感的皮膚。臨床證明它可以舒緩由乾燥皮膚引起的瘙癢,冷卻皮膚並減少紅腫。它通過在皮膚上形成保護屏障來保濕,幫助避免額外的水分流失。適合所有膚質,無論白天還是夜晚,都非常適合隨身攜帶使用。

使用方法: 用乾淨的手,塗抹足夠的膏體覆蓋受影響的區域,輕輕按摩進入皮膚。為獲得最佳效果,我們建議在需要時塗抹,以緩解乾燥、癢和紅腫的皮膚。也可以在使用您喜愛的Cetraben保濕霜之前或之後使用。

注意事項: 僅供外用。輕微的皮膚反應(紅腫和皮疹)很少發生,如有發生,請停止使用。如果皮膚嚴重開裂、發炎或出血,請勿使用。避免接觸眼睛。如果產品接觸到眼睛,請用水沖洗。如有刺激,請尋求醫療建議。 請放在兒童接觸不到的地方。 如果管口封條破損或看起來有被篡改的跡象,請勿使用。


However your skin makes you feel, we believe you should have a choice of effective ways to hydrate and protect it every day. Discover Expert Skin Hydration with Cetraben, the first eczema prone skin care range to be approved by the British Skin Foundation.
Cetraben Itch Relief Balm is ideal for daily use on very dry, itchy skin and eczema prone patches. It is clinically proven to soothe the itching that often occurs due to dry skin, it cools the skin and reduces redness. It hydrates by forming a protective barrier on the skin to help avoid any additional moisture loss. Suitable for all skin types and ideal for use on the go, day, and night.
Using clean hands, apply enough balm to cover the affected area(s) rubbing it gently into the skin. For best results we recommend applying when needed to relieve dry, itchy and red skin. It can also be used before or after your preferred Cetraben moisturiser.
For external use only. Mild skin reactions (redness and rash) occur rarely, in this case, stop use. Do not use if the skin is badly cracked, inflamed or bleeding. Avoid contact with eyes. If the product comes into contact with eyes, rinse with water. Seek medical advice if irritation occurs.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use if tube seal is broken or appears tampered with.

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